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AIM Password Recovery

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Password Recovery will find all encoded AIM passwords stored on the local PC under the current account. The passwords will then be cracked and decoded (decrypted) to display on the screen in a user-friendly format. Correct passwords will of course be displayed only if you are able to login automatically in AIM without entering your password for the account you want to recover. Works with the latest version of AIM (6). Passwords for multiple profiles (screen names) can be cracked. It costs nothing to download AIM Password Recovery and see if the passwords are recoverable. Click here to download AIM Password Recovery for FREE.

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AIM Password Recovery 

This tool will be particularly useful when you want to change you AIM password that you forgot. Or if you want to migrate AIM to another PC but you have forgotten your AIM password. Lost AIM passwords have a chance to be recovered!
Functionality of AIM Password Recovery:

  • Decrypt AIM password (AOL Instant Messenger password decrypter)
  • Decode AOL Instant Messenger passwords (AIM password decoder)
  • Crack AOL Instant Messenger passwords (AOL Instant Messenger password cracker)
  • Recover AOL Instant Messenger password (AIM password recovery)
  • Find AIM passwords (AOL Instant Messenger password finder)
  • AOL Instant Messenger password ripper (rip AIM passwords)
  • AIM remote account hacker (not implemented)
  • AOL Instant Messenger password hacker (will hack AIM passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts)
  • AIM password stealer (not implemented) - please note that this tool should not be used to steal others' passwords. This is illegal action and can be prosecuted.
  • AIM password retriever (retrieve AIM passwords)
  • Multiple profiles (screen names) are supported


Download AIM Password Recovery

Description of how passwords are encoded in AIM:

AIM 6:
AIM uses Blowfish and base64 algorithms to encrypt the AIM passwords.
448-bit keyword is used to encrypt the password with Blowfish. The encrypted string is then encoded using base64 and stored in the registry at:
\\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\America Online\AIM6\Passwords

AIM 5:
AIM 5 only used to store MD5 hashes of the passwords on the local system (hashes were also transferred over to the AIM server to authenticate). Password recovery from a hash is next to impossible.

Also note that AIM 6 is able to import hashed passwords from AIM 5 and below. This means that if a password was imported from AIM 5 into AIM 6 then the password can't be recovered. To see if your password can be recovered download and run AIM Password Recovery (need to click "Recover Password" button in order to see the list of potential accounts for recovery).

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