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How to recover CuteFTP passwords

This tutorial explains step-by-step how to restore your GlobalSCAPE Cute FTP password. Helps if you forgot CuteFTP password.
These steps have been tested and work in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The guide was prepared in December 2009.

The CuteFTP passwords recovery is guaranteed if these passwords are saved in CuteFTP (in other words you see saved CuteFTP password shown by asterisks and you don't have to enter the FTP password when you login into your ftp server).

To retrieve CuteFTP password, you need to download our FTP password recovery tool called Advanced FTP Password Recovery.

Download Advanced FTP Password Recovery

Click the Next button during the installation wizard until you get to the last installation screen. Make sure the checkbox called Run Advanced FTP Password Recovery is ticked and click Finish.

Advanced FTP Password Recovery installation

The FTP recovery screen will appear on the screen after you clicked on the Finish button:

Advanced FTP Password Recovery

Your next step to get CuteFTP password depends on if you use Quick Connect toolbar to connect to the FTP server or if you prefer to manage and connect through Site Manager. Click here to skip to the Site Manager method.

If you use Quick Connect toolbar

Select the Host for which you need to decode FTP password from the dropdown box:

Recover CuteFTP password

Once you selected the needed ftp host, the username and password will be filled in automatically if they were saved by Cute FTP. The password will be masked by asterisks or dots:

Retrieve CuteFTP password

Now change the Host to localhost and Port to 21* if it's not 21 already and click on the Connect button on the right:

Reveal CuteFTP password

You will either see the FTP recovery button blinking on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Click on this button to open the FTP recovery window:

CuteFTP password finder

or the FTP recovery screen will be brought up automatically to reveal CuteFTP password:

Using Advanced FTP Password Recovery to find SmartFTP password

The CuteFTP passwords have been found, captured and shown on the screen as you can see in the example above.

If you use Site Manager

Open on the Site Manager from the left pane:

Forgot CuteFTP password

Select the needed FTP server and right-click on it. In the pop-up menu select Properties:

CuteFTP password change

In the FTP Site Properties window make a note of the current Host address (write it down on a piece of paper or save it in another file on your computer):

CuteFTP password decrypter

Once you noted the Host address change it to localhost and select the Type tab:

CuteFTP password decoder

On the Type page check that the Port number is 21* and change it if it's not. Click Connect after that:

Crack CuteFTP password

Advanced FTP Password Recovery screen should come up after clicking Connect. If not, click on the Advanced FTP Password Recovery button in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen:

CuteFTP password ripper

Here is the FTP recovery screen that should come up. As you can see, the CuteFTP password has been captured (intercepted) and shown in the passwort recovery window:

Using Advanced FTP Password Recovery to find SmartFTP password

You can now go back to the Site Manager - Site Properties and change the Host address and Port number to the original values that you have previously noted down:

CuteFTP password hacker

* Note: the port number that you should be changing to depends on the number that was stated in Advanced FTP Password Recovery upon startup in the message: Opening the FTP port (xx)...Ok! where xx is the port number you should be using.

We recommend to stay away from the tools that claim to be able to hack, steal, crack, rip, decode, sniff or decrypt CuteFTP passwords. These tools are likely to contain harmful virus software.

We also recommend to change CuteFTP password (FTP server account password) if you don't remember it to something easier to remember for you but not too easy for ftp password hackers to guess!

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