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FAR FTP Password Recovery

FAR Password Recovery is a program that instantly recovers and decrypts account information including passwords for all FTP sites that have been added in FAR Manager. Default password is also recovered. All versions of FAR Manager are supported.

Download FAR FTP Password Recovery

FAR FTP Password Recovery 

Functionality of FAR Manager FTP password recovery - in other words, what this tool can do:

  • All versions of FAR Manager and FTP plug-in are supported
  • Decrypt FAR Manager FTP password
  • Decode FAR Manager passwords
  • Crack FAR passwords
  • Recover FAR FTP password
  • Find FAR Manager FTP passwords
  • FAR FTP password ripper
  • FAR FTP remote account hacker (not implemented)
  • FAR password retriever (retrieve FAR FTP passwords)

Extra recovery features:

  • Support for multiple FTP accounts
  • "Default password" recovery

Download FAR FTP Password Recovery

FAR FTP passwords are encoded using the following encryption algorithm:

Let's assume our password is: abcdef

  1. XOR first character 'a' with second character 'b'
  2. Perform logical AND operation with the first character and byte 50h:
    'a' AND 0x50
    (note that 'a' is not anymore 'a' here after the first step)
  3. In a loop, starting from the first byte, 'c', we XOR all remaining bytes with the first character.

The first decoder was made in 1999 for FAR Manager FTP plug-in by Ilya Levin. Version 1.63 of FAR Manager was supported. It was a command-line decoder that extracted the information from registry and decoded it with the above algorithm. Since then, different versions of FAR stored passwords in slightly different locations. FAR FTP Password Recovery is very easy to use (click of a button) and extracts passwords from all locations in the registry.
Download FAR FTP Password Recovery.

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