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FTP Password Recovery

Advanced FTP Password Recovery is a program that will catch, sniff and show your forgotten FTP passwords. This FTP password finder is very easy to use and can recover saved passwords from all FTP clients including CuteFTP, WS_FTP, FileZilla, WinSCP, SmartFTP, FlashFXP, CoreFTP, FTP Commander and many others. We guarantee your FTP password recovery provided this password is saved in your FTP client (in other words you don't have to enter your FTP password when you logon).
Try out this ftp password finder for FREE:

Download FTP Password Recovery

FTP Password Recovery 

For your convenience and fast recovery we have written detailed step-by-step guides for your specific FTP client:

Follow generic instructions at the bottom if we don't have a guide for your client.

Here's a full list of FTP clients that are supported:

  • 3D-FTP recover password
  • AbsoluteTelnet restore password
  • ALFTP retrieve password
  • BitKinex reveal password
  • BulletProof FTP get password
  • Classic FTP see saved password
  • CoffeeCup Direct FTP show password
  • CoffeeCup Free FTP find password
  • CoreFTP forgot password
  • CrossFTP change password
  • cURL passwort
  • CuteFTP intercept password
  • Directory Opus password sniffer
  • ExpanDrive password decrypter
  • FAR Manager password decoder
  • FileZilla password cracker
  • FireFTP password ripper
  • FlashFXP password stealer (local only)
  • Fling FTP password hacker (local only)
  • FTP Commander
  • FTP Explorer
  • FTP Voyager
  • Global Downloader
  • Glub Tech Secure FTP
  • LeechFTP
  • Mosaic
  • NcFTP
  • net2ftp
  • pbFtpClient
  • SFTPPlus
  • ScripFTP
  • SmartFTP
  • Sysax FTP Automation
  • WebDrive
  • WinSCP
  • WS_FTP

Extra recovery features:

  • All versions of FTP clients are supported
  • Support for multiple FTP accounts
  • Works through any Firewall
  • Opens alternative port if port 21 is used by another program
  • Recovery guaranteed!

Download FTP Password Recovery

How this FTP password Recovery works:

FTP protocol was developed a long time ago, when the security was not such a big issue as is now. Hence, the data transfer in FTP protocol is unencrypted. Text information including FTP passwords is sent in plain-text format and anyone who intercepts the connection (e.g. sniffs the local area network) is able to see these passwords.

This program works by emulating the FTP server and recording the passwords it receives.
It means, once you run FTP Password Recovery, you will see passwords of anyone who connects to your computer on port 21 with an ftp client.

All you need to do is load the FTP Password Recovery and connect with your ftp client to it.

How to use Advanced FTP Password Recovery:

  1. Download FTP Password Recovery
  2. Run the downloaded file and install FTP Password Recovery,
    make sure you select Run Advanced FTP Password Recovery checkbox at the end of your setup
  3. Open your FTP Client
  4. Open connection properties (e.g. account manager)
  5. Remember current FTP server address
    We advise you to write it down
  6. Change FTP server address to localhost
    Change port to 21 (or 22, as indicated in Advanced FTP Password Recovery window)
  7. Repeat this for all necessary servers
  8. Confirm changes
  9. Try to connect to each server
  10. You will see captured passwords in Advanced FTP Password Recovery window
  11. Change back the original server addresses in your FTP client

This software has been tested on VistaSatisfaction guaranteed!We test our products thoroughly on different environments and with different versions of software to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Beware of third party password serial key generators (keygens) - these are likely to be viruses and trojans and can put your system at a very high risk.

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