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Password Recovery for Gizmo 5

Password Recovery for Gizmo5 is a tool that was developed to recover lost or forgotten Gizmo5 password that was saved on your computer using "Remember my name and password" checkbox. This program will recover Gizmo password only if you are able to successfully sign in to Gizmo5 without having to enter your password. Recovery from external files is also possible (explained at the bottom of the page). Download and try for yourself:

Download Password Recovery for Gizmo5

Gizmo Password Recovery

How to check whether your Gizmo5 password can be recovered

There is a simple way to check whether you Gizmo password can be retrieved.

Launch Gizmo5. If you are already logged in, go to File in the top menu and select Log Out:

Decode Gizmo5 passwords

Take a look at the login screen. Select the Account Name for which you would like to recover your Gizmo passwort. You should see both the Account Name and Password fields filled in. If not, the password is not saved on your computer. Click on the Login button:

Gizmo5 password restore

If you managed to successfully login with Gizmo5 after clicking on the login button then your Gizmo5 password is saved on your computer and therefore can be restored. Check that you have successfully managed to login - you should see a screen like this:

Gizmo5 password cracker

Once you know your password is stored on the system you can use our tool to recover it.

How to find Gizmo 5 passwords

To crack Gizmo passwords stored on your system download and install our Gizmo password finder tool:

Download Password Recovery for Gizmo5

Make sure to leave the checkbox Run Password Recovery for Gizmo5 ticked before clicking on the Finish button:

Gizmo password finder

The recovery screen will pop-up once you clicked on the Finish button. Click on Recover Password to reveal Gizmo passwords:

Gizmo5 password decrypter

All Gizmo passwords found on your account will be recovered:

Gizmo Password Recovery

You can now access your Gizmo5 account to change Gizmo password to something that is easier for you to remember.

Note: The IM, Email and Social Network account passwords are not stored locally and that's why the decryption of these passwords is not included in our software.

For your convenience here's the download link to our tool again:

Download Password Recovery for Gizmo5

Gizmo5 password recovery from external files

Password Recovery for Gizmo5 is also able to recover external user data files that were created by Gizmo5. This is useful if you would like to recover passwords from files saved on crashed systems or hard drives or if you wish to decrypt Gizmo passwords from other users on this computer (you will need administrator privileges to do this).

Gizmo5 password files are usually stored at the following location in Windows XP:

<system drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Gizmo5\AppSettings.xml

and Windows Vista and Windows7 user data file location:

<system drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Gizmo5\AppSettings.xml

Once you located the password file, copy it to the system where you have Password Recovery for Gizmo5 installed and click on the From file button in the recovery window:

Reveal Gizmo5 password

Select your file in the Open File window and click OK. All passwords stored in the selected Gizmo5 passwords file will be decoded and shown on the screen.

Download Password Recovery for Gizmo5

Troubleshooting on Windows Vista/Windows 7

Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 run programs with minimal user rights by default. If you need to recover passwords saved by Gizmo5 under other Windows user accounts, you need to launch Password Recovery for Gizmo5 with the Administrator rights.

To do this, right-click on the Password Recovery for Gizmo5 icon on your Desktop and select Run as administrator. Click Yes if the User Account Control pop-up window asks you a question. Click Recover Password button in the recovery screen to find Gizmo5 passwords from all Windows user accounts.

Gizmo5 password encryption algorithm

Gizmo5 passwords are encoded using base64, MD5 and RC4.

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