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Google Desktop Password Recovery

Google Desktop stores your Gmail password to index your mail and to notify you when you have a new mail. Since this password is saved and you never need to enter it again, you might forget your Google Desktop password and may want to restore it. We have created a tool called Password Recovery for Google which scans for passwords saved by various Google applications on your computer, decrypts them and shows all found passwords on the screen. You can download and try if this tool can recover your GDesktop password:

Download Password Recovery for Google

Google Desktop Password Recovery

How to check if your Google Desktop password can be recovered

You can quickly check whether Google Desktop saved any Gmail passwords on your computer. Here's how you can do it:

Find Google Desktop icon in the system tray (usually it's on the lower right of your screen):

Google Desktop password restore

Right-click on the GDesktop icon and select Options... from the new pop-up menu:

Google Desktop password finder

You will see the Google Desktop Preferences page in your browser. Select the Google Account Features from the tab menu:

Decode Google Desktop passwords

Take a look at the Google Account Features page. If the Google Mail section shows you your account name then your Gmail password is saved and can be recovered:

Google Desktop password cracker

We explain GDesktop password cracking process in the next section.

How to find and decode Google Desktop password

To retrieve Google Desktop password, download and install our recovery utility called Password Recovery for Google:

Download Password Recovery for Google

On the last screen of the installation wizard, make sure to put a tick next to the Run Password Recovery for Google box and click Finish:

Gmail password recovery

You will see the new recovery window after you clicked Finish. To rip all Google and Gmail passwords stored on your system click Recover Password button:

Retrieve Google Desktop password

You might need to scroll down to the Google Desktop section to see your Gmail password that was stored by GDesktop revealed:

Google Desktop password decrypter

We guarantee you the recovery of your Gmail passwort if your GDesktop has saved it in the system (as explained in the previous section):

GDesktop Password Recovery

You can now get to Gmail and see how to change Gmail password to something that will be easier to remember for you.

Here's the download link to our recovery utility again:

Download Password Recovery for Google

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