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Google Talk Password Recovery

Like many other Google applications Google Talk can save your Gmail password on your local computer when you tick the remember password checkbox before sign-in. You don't have to enter your password every time when you start GTalk after that and some people tend to forget Google Talk password over time. We have produced a tool called Password Recovery for Google that searches every possible location on your computer to retrieve, decrypt and decode your Google Talk password as well as any other Gmail password found saved on your system by other Google applications. If you would like to recover Google Talk password you can download and try our recovery tool:

Download Password Recovery for Google

Google Talk Password Recovery

How to check if your Google Talk password can be recovered

There is a simple way to check whether your Google Talk passwort can be ripped from the system.

Launch your Google Talk application or open it from the system tray. If you already see this screen:

Decode Google Talk passwords

Sign out from your account:

Google Talk password cracker

You will see a login window that looks like this one:

Google Talk password restore

Check that both username and password fields are filled and click on the Sign In button. This is the screen that you will see if the Sign-In was successful (green or red dot next to status message):

Decode Google Talk passwords

If it logs you in automatically without having to enter your GTalk password then your Google Talk password is saved on your computer and can easily be recovered.

How to find and decode Google Talk password

This section describes how to find and restore Google Talk password if you already checked that it is saved on your system and that you can recover it.

First of all download and install our tool called Password Recovery for Google:

Download Password Recovery for Google

On the last pages of the installation screen, please tick the checkbox called Run Password Recovery for Google and click on the Finish button:

Gmail password recovery installation

You will see the recovery screen once you clicked on the Finish button. Click on the Recover Password button:

Google Talk password decrypter

Scroll down to see your Google Talk password revealed and shown on the screen together with your Gmail username:

Retrieve Google Talk password

Your cracked Google Talk password can be found in the Google Talk section while scrolling down:

Google Talk Password Recovery

You can now go into your Gmail account and change Google Talk password to something that is easier to remember (but not to easy for hackers to guess!). See our change password Gmail article.

For your convenience here's the download link to our tool that we mentioned above:

Download Password Recovery for Google

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