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MSN Password Finder

Password Recovery for MSN Messenger is the MSN password finder that instantly cracks and decrypts the MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger passwords stored on your computer. It can be used to recover your forgotten MSN passwords. Program works when the "Remember my Password" tickbox is checked in the messenger and you are able to login automatically without entering your password. All versions of MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger are supported. Multiple accounts are also supported. Even if you have un-installed the messenger - there is still a chance that you can recover the password. Just run the program and click the "Recover Password!" button to see if you can recover your passwords! Download MSN Password Finder tool for FREE.

Download Password Recovery for MSN

MSN Password Finder

Why people use our MSN Password Finder utility:

"I forgot my MSN password but my password is automatically saved in MSN/Windows Messenger which I use every day. Is it possible to uncover the password stored behind asterisks so that I can access Hotmail?"


"I sign-into my MSN Messenger every day. The messenger logs in automatically because the password is saved on my computer. I want to login into MSN Messenger on another machine but I donít remember my password anymore. How can I see it?"

- MSN Messenger Password Finder is just what you need!

There is also a third scenario:

"I want to find out my friendsí MSN Messenger password. How can I see the password behind asterisks if I have access to my friendsí PC?"

This program will allow you to do that provided you use it on your friends’ PC. We advise you not to use the (WLM) MSN Password Recovery tool like that because it is unethical and moreover, it is illegal! This should not be used for stealing MSN password!

Download Password Recovery for MSN

We've posted a short YouTube video to demonstrate how this tool works in action: MSN password finder.

This software has been tested on VistaSatisfaction guaranteed!We test our products thoroughly on different environments and with different versions of software to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Beware of other third party versions of MSN Password Finder from other websites, e.g. WLM MSN Password Finder v2.0 or MSN serial key generators - these are all viruses and trojans and are likely to put your system at a very high risk.

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