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MSN Password Recovery

Password Recovery for MSN is the MSN messenger password recovery program that finds all encrypted MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger passwords stored on the local system. It then displays them in an easy to read format. This program works if after clicking the "Sign-In" button in your messenger you're able to login automatically without entering your MSN password. So why not download the MSN password recovery program and try it for FREE:

Download Password Recovery for MSN

MSN Password Recovery

Functionality of MSN Password Recovery program:

  • MSN password decrypter (decrypt MSN Messenger password)
  • MSN passwords decoder (MSN password decoder)
  • MSN password cracker (crack MSN Messenger password)
  • Recover MSN Messenger password (MSN password recovery)
  • MSN password finder (find MSN Messenger passwords)
  • MSN Messenger password ripper (rip MSN passwords)
  • MSN password hack (will hack MSN passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts)
  • MSN remote account hacker (not implemented)
  • MSN password stealer (not implemented - not possible to steal MSN messenger passwords).
  • MSN password retriever (retrieve MSN password)
  • Multiple profiles (MSN ID's) are supported

Download Password Recovery for MSN

We have prepared a short YouTube video to demonstrate MSN password recovery im Betrieb. You can find it here.

Description of how passwords are encoded in MSN Messenger can be found here.

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Beware of other third party versions of MSN Password Recovery programs from other websites, e.g. MSN Password Finder v2.0 or MSN serial key generators - these are all viruses and trojans and are likely to put your system at a very high risk.

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