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How do hackers steal MSN passwords and what MSN Password Stealers do they use?

Password Recovery for MSN allows you to easily find and decrypt your MSN passwords saved on your local computer. You can also use this program to find your friends' MSN password if you run it on your friends PC. This program works if you can successfully login in Windows Live Messenger without having to enter your password.

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How do hackers steal MSN passwords?

To protect yourself from having your MSN password stolen you need to understand how hackers steal MSN passwords. There are several methods regularly used by hackers to steal MSN password:

  1. Fake MSN Password Stealers
    Use password stealing program - enter required email and click the "Steal" button. This is fake. All programs advertising to do this are fake and contain viruses or trojans. It is technically impossible to create such software. As advertised for a free download on the internet, MSN password stealer 2007 and MSN password stealer 2009 are both fake.
    Here are two examples of fake MSN password stealer:
    MSN password stealer Steal MSN password
  2. Keyloggers and fake MSN Messenger screens
    A hacker will need to get you to run a malicious program (send it to you through a Messenger or email and get you to run it) or install it himself (i.e. have physical access to your computer). These are the only ways to install a keylogger that can steal your MSN password.
    Sophisticated hackers use keyloggers that look like a usual Windows Live Messenger login screen. You don't even notice that you are entering your password into a fake screen that reports an error upon clicking the Sign-in button and records your password in a text file. This text file is then sent over the internet to the attackers email.
    Next time you are trying to enter Windows Live Messenger you realize that your MSN password has been stolen.
  3. MSN password decoders
    MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger both save your Windows Live password if you opted for a checkbox called Remember my password during the login process. To steal your MSN password a hacker might send you a decoder program over the email or Messenger.
  4. Phishing
    Phishing and email scams are also used to mislead the users on Hotmail to think the official Hotmail (MSN) staff is asking them for a password. When provided, this password gets sent to the attacker.
    Remember: Hotmail will never ask you to tell them your password.

There are very simple steps you can take to protect yourself from having your MSN password stolen: never allow anyone use your computer, never accept any attachments from unknown people in email or MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) and never enter your password if after reading an email you end up at a screen asking you to provide a password.

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Beware that stealing MSN passwords is illegal. You can only recover your own passwords. Doing it to other people even if they're your friends or neighbors will likely get you in jail! It doesn't take much time for the investigators to collect enough evidence to prove you guilty.

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