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Password Recovery for MySpace IM

Password Recovery for MySpaceIM finds and shows MySpace passwords saved by MySpaceIM (instant messenger created by MySpace) on your local system. Your MySpace password will be decrypted if you can successfully login with MySpaceIM without entering your password. Download and install MySpace password recovery tool and see if it can decode your MySpace passwords:

Download Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

MySpaceIM Password Recovery

How to check if your MySpaceIM password can be recovered

Password Recovery for MySpaceIM allows you to see saved MySpace password if you forgot it.
It is easy to check whether your MySpace passwort can be extracted from MySpaceIM.
Launch MySpaceIM and take a look at the screen. If the it is already logged in like so (Status set to Online or Away):

MySpace password finder

In this case sign out from MySpaceIM by going to File in the top menu and clicking on the Sign Out entry:

MySpace password cracker

Once you have signed out you will see the login screen. You can now check whether your My Space IM password is stored on your local system and can be retrieved. Check that the Email and Password fields are already filled in (select required Email if necessary). If both Email and Password fields are filled in automatically click on the Sign In button:

MySpace password stealer

If you have managed to successfully login you will see a screen like this:

MySpace password finder

MySpace password can be found only if you can login into MySpaceIM without having to enter your MySpace password. You can now use our tool tool called Password recovery for MySpaceIM to reveal the passwords.

How to find and decode MySpace password

This section explains how to get MySpaceIM passwords hidden with asterisks in your MySpace instant messaging client.

Download and install the password retrieval tool called Password Recovery for MySpaceIM:

Download Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

On the last page of the installation wizard you will need to ensure that the checkbox called Run Password Recovery for MySpaceIM is ticked:

MySpace password hacker

Click on the Finish button to launch MySpace password finder. Click on the Recover Password button in the new recovery window:

MySpace password

You should see restored MySpace passwords shown on the recovery screen:

You can now go to MySpace website and change MySpace password to something you can remember (but not too simple for the hacker to guess!).
For your convenience here's the download link to the MySpaceIM password cracker again:

Download Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

Recovering MySpace IM passwords from external sources

Password Recovery for MySpaceIM is able to recover MySpaceIM usernames and passwords from external user data files.

Note: you will only be able to recover the password if the data file has been created under the same Windows account on the same computer.
Recovery of passwords from data files transferred from other computers or user accounts is not possible. This is because the passwords are encrypted using CryptUnprotectData function that makes the encrypted password unique to the user account and computer.

All you need to do to manually recover from a user file is find a users.txt file (in the MySpace directory) and copy it to the system where you have Password Recovery for MySpaceIM installed. Possible path to the users.txt file on Windows XP:

<system drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\MySpace\IM\users.txt

And in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

<system drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MySpace\IM\users.txt

Once you have copied the data file to your system, run Password Recovery for MySpaceIM and click on the From File button. Select your copied users.txt file and click OK. All passwords saved in that data file will be recovered and shown on the screen.

Download Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

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