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Picasa Password Recovery

To help you when you forgot Picasa password we have created a tool called Password Recovery for Google. This tool looks through various Google applications and finds any saved Google Account passwords used by these applications. It does look for a Google password stored by Picasa (which is in fact a Gmail password). This tool can restore both Picasa2 and Picasa3 passwords. You can download it and see if it can recover your Picasa password too:

Download Password Recovery for Google

Picasa password recovery

How to check if your Picasa password can be recovered

It is very easy to check whether your Gmail passwort saved by Picasa can be recovered.
Launch Picasa and take a look at the top-right corner of the Picasa window:

decode and decrypt of Picasa password is possible

Picasa will show your Gmail account name in the top-right if the Gmail password is saved in the system. This means you can easily decode and decrypt your Picasa password. Make sure you do not accidentally click on the Sign Out button!

Next section covers the retrieval process in more detail.

How to find and decode Picasa password

To find Picasa password download and install our Picasa password reveal tool called Password Recovery for Google:

Download Password Recovery for Google

On the last screen of the installation wizard make sure the checkbox called Run Password Recovery for Google is ticked before you click on the Finish button:

Gmail password recovery

Once you clicked on the Finish button you will see the recovery screen brought up:

gmail password recovery

Click on the Recover Password button to get Picasa password,

Picasa password finder

and scroll down until you find the section titled Google Picasa:

Picasa password recovery

Your Picasa password will be shown along with your retrieved username.
We have a specific page on how to change password in Gmail should you decide to change your Gmail password to something that will be easier for you to remember.

Here's the download link to our recovery tool again:

Download Password Recovery for Google

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