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Obtaining a registration key

As a courtesy to the press, we offer registration keys to enable you to access full functionality of our products. Please send a request for a key through our contact form and explain that you're in the process of reviewing one of our programs (please mention for which program you would need a key and the publication name). This offer is good for all forms of media - Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Web-Based Magazines, Etc.

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(Portable Application Description of software files)

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Permissions to our software on CDs

Reactive Software's distribution policy allows for vendors to freely distribute the shareware/evaluation versions of all of Reactive Software's program titles. If you wish to distribute any of Reactive Software products, you may obtain the most recent versions from our products pages.
Applicable to all: web sites, on-line services, media-publications, CD-ROM vendors, disk vendors, bulletin board systems, publishers, User Groups and other distributors.

Retail Publishers:
If you have an interest in licensing and/or distributing any of Reactive Software products please get in touch with us using our online form.

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