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How to recover SmartFTP passwords

This tutorial explains step-by-step how to recover SmartFTP passwords saved in SmartFTP. You don't need to decode SmartFTP password files in order to reveal SmartFTP password. There is an easier method to recover a forgotten password!
It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Updated December 2009.

SmartFTP password retrieval is guaranteed if you see your FTP password saved in Smart FTP (in other words, you don't have to type in your passwort to be able to login to the remote FTP server).

First of all you need to download and install our recovery tool called Advanced FTP Password Recovery.

Download Advanced FTP Password Recovery

After you have downloaded the Advanced FTP Password Recovery, run the downloaded file to install it on your system. Click next all the way through. The last installation screen will look like this:

Advanced FTP Password Recovery installation

Make sure that the checkbox called Run Advanced FTP Password Recovery is checked and click Finish.
This will run the installed program and you will see a screen like this:

Advanced FTP Password Recovery

Next, you need to open SmartFTP client.
If you don't use the quickconnect feature and you store your FTP servers in the favorites, your further step-by-step instructions to find SmartFTP password are given lower down.

Using Quickconnect

If you use quickconnect feature to open the FTP connection then you will need to copy the current ftp address as highlighted below or write it down on a piece of paper. Make sure it is written down somewhere before you proceed further.

SmartFTP password hacker

Once you have written down the ftp address in your notes, change it to localhost in the quickconnect address box:

Rip SmartFTP password

Ensure that the port box has 21*. If not, write the current port down next to the place where you have written down your old hostname and change it to 21. Click on the green arrow after that to establish a connection.

By now the taskbar should have the Advanced FTP Password Recovery button blinking:

SmartFTP password cracker

Click on the this button in the taskbar and you will see a screen like this:

Using Advanced FTP Password Recovery to find SmartFTP password

As highlighted above, your SmartFTP password will now be restored and shown on the recovery screen.
Once you have got your password go back to the Smart FTP, change the address back to the original as well as the port if you changed it. Click on the green button to save the original address:

Decode SmartFTP password

Using Favorites

If you use Favorites feature instead of quickconnect then proceed as follows:

Open the Favorites from the top menu:

SmartFTP password decrypter

Right-click on the FTP server from which you would like to recover the FTP password to open the menu and click on the Properties:

SmartFTP password sniffer

In the properties window, note the original Host and copy it to somewhere else (or write it down on a piece of paper):

SmartFTP password finder

Now change the Host to localhost and Port to 21 as shown below (write down the old port number somewhere else if it wasn't 21):

SmartFTP password reveal

Click OK and open the Favorites in the top menu again and click on your FTP server to get connected:

Retrieve SmartFTP password

You will now see a blinking button in the lower taskbar:

SmartFTP password restore

Click on this button called Advanced FTP Password Recovery to open the program. You will see that your Smart FTP password has been intercepted and is shown on the screen together with the login:

You can now go back to the SmartFTP to change the Host back to the original:

Recover SmartFTP password

* Note: Advanced FTP Password Recovery shows "Opening the FTP port (xx)...Ok!". You should be entering number xx when you change the Port number in the Edit window. Most of the times, xx will be 21, but sometimes this port can be busy on your PC and an alternative port will be opened and stated in xx.

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