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Trillian password decryption algorithm

This page describes the encryption algorithms used by Trillian to store passwords on the local machine. If you don't want to get into details and simply want to decode and decrypt your Trillian passwords, download and install our tool called Password Recovery for Trillian:

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Trillian stores encrypted passwords in *.ini files. Profile passwords are kept in profiles.ini. Individual protocol files are kept in individual "protocol.ini" files, e.g. icq.ini. Proxy server passwords are stored in proxy.ini.
These configuration *.ini files are usually located in C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\ or in <documents and settings>\<windows XP account>\Trillian\User Settings.

Trillian password encryption algorithms

Trillian passwords for your protocols are encoded using a simple XOR function and then stored in hexadecimal form. The first character in the password is XORed with the value 243.

Proxy passwords as stored as plain text.

Trillian Pro membership account passwords are not stored on the local system. Instead, SHA-1 hash of this password is saved on the local system. Please use official Trillian website to recover your Trillian Pro registration.

You can use our ready-made tool to decode and decrypt Trillian passwords saved on your local machine:

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Trillian Password Recovery 

Download Trillian Password Recovery

What makes our program different from all others? It's dead simple to use - just install it and click on "Recover Password" button. It will do the rest of the work for you automatically. No need to look for the data files that store your passwords. The program has a very sophisticated algorithm for finding the needed data files.
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