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How to recover WS_FTP passwords

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to restore your lost or forgotten FTP server password from the WS_FTP client. Put it simply, this will tell you how to reveal Ipswitch WS FTP password.
All versions of WSFTP are supported including WS_FTP Home, WS_FTP Pro and WS_FTP LE. Works on both Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This tutorial has been composed in December 2009.

We guarantee WS_FTP password recovery of provided this FTP password is saved in WS_FTP (i.e. you can login into the FTP server without entering the password).

To retrieve WS FTP password, you will need to download and install our tool called Advanced FTP Password Recovery.

Download Advanced FTP Password Recovery

Start the installation straight after you have downloaded the tool and click Next all the time until the last installation page. On this last page make sure the tickbox called Run Advanced FTP Password Recovery is checked and click Finish:

Advanced FTP Password Recovery installation

The FTP recovery screen will appear once you clicked on the Finish button:

Advanced FTP Password Recovery

Now launch WS-FTP client. Open the Connections from the top menu and click on the Site Manager:

Reveal WS_FTP password

Once you're in a Site Manager window, select the FTP server for which you need to find WS_FTP password. Click on the Edit button:

WS_FTP password hacker

In the Site Options (Edit) window look at the Host name and make a note of it on a piece of paper or in a text file saved on your computer:

Rip WS_FTP password

Once noted, change the Host name field to localhost:

WS_FTP password cracker

Now select Advanced on the left pane and check that the Remote port is 21*, if not, change it to 21. Click OK.

WS_FTP password decode

You're back to the Site Manager and it is time to finally uncover your FTP password. Make sure the needed ftp server is selected and click on the Connect button:

WS_FTP password decrypter

Once you have clicked on Connect you should see a flashing button in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen called Advanced FTP Password Recovery:

WS_FTP password finder

Click on this button to bring up the screen with your FTP passwort captured/intercepted and shown:

Using Advanced FTP Password Recovery to find SmartFTP password

You can see your saved WS_FTP password shown in the recovery window. You now know how to get WS_FTP password!
Make sure you go back to the Site Manager, select this ftp server again and click Edit. Correct the Host name to the original value that you have noted elsewhere and click OK:

Recover WS_FTP password

* Note: the port number that you should be changing this to should be whatever number is shown in Advanced FTP Password Recovery upon startup in the first sentence: Opening the FTP port (xx)...Ok! where xx is the port number you should use. Normally this number is 21 and our program will tell you when you launch it if the port number is different.

We recommend to stay away from any advertisements of the tools that claim to be able to hack, rip, crack, sniff, decrypt, decode or steal WS_FTP passwords.

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